It's all about the

It's all about

the shawarma

Our Story

Since our founding in 1999, we committed to the shawarma as the centerpiece of our menu. With it, we share a common history. A shared love of the most desirable sandwich in the Arab world and a token of love to our tradition, generosity, and good taste of our people.

The perfect Shawarma
doesn't exist

Our dedication to the modern shawarma is equaled by our commitment to using only the highest quality, fresh and natural ingredients. It’s a cornerstone of the Shawarmer experience that enables us to maintain absolute consistency in flavor in our handmade sauces and marinades while ensuring the highest quality of meat in our cones that our customers expect and demand.

From our founding mission to spread joy and happiness through our shared love of shawarma, we have grown to more than 160 restaurants and counting.

As Shawarmer continues to grow and evolve, our customers can be sure of two things:
The beloved shawarma will always be the hero of our menu. And our customers can always expect more surprises in new Shawarmer flavours, sauces, ingredients & sandwich styles we offer.

  • Innovation

    Innovation is the core of everything we do. From our menu to our open kitchens to our restaurant designs and how we talk and listen to our customers. Being fresh, different, and striving for continuous improvement is in our DNA.

  • Hospitality

    Our success is all about our customers and our people. We are dedicated to making our customers feel welcomed and appreciated.

  • Excellence

    We go the extra mile to please and delight our customers. In every shawarma, we create every meal we serve, and every experience we share.

  • Transparency

    We believe in the importance of transparency with our customers, partners, and all of the external parties we deal with.

Our Values