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The Shawarmer legacy began with the opening of the first branch in 1999 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Our Value


Innovation is a core value that affects all activities at Shawarmer. From our menu items to our marketing, everything has to be fresh and different.


Even with all of the new ideas was introduce in our products, we believe that the true essence of Shawarma and our culture are still intact. We offer something that is new yet familiar.


We aim to inspire others through our business. Prove that there is room for value creation and innovation even in something that is as classic as Shawarma.


High quality is something we deeply care about in Shawarmer. It is something that influences the ingredients we use, the training our staff receive and even the decoration of each of branches.

Our Story

Since the beginning Shawarmar works to achieve continuos accomplishments , and proceeds in providing the best quality by developing its services as a national trademark. in 1999, Shawarmar created its own unique identity which its base is “Shawarma’s Plate”, which is the most popular meal among us.

Our uniqueness in Shawarmar derives from presenting the “Shawarma” to our customers as beef and chicken sandwiches in an unusual way with a variety of flavors like adding Homos to it or pomegranate molasses, cheese sauces and Tikka. Also, the attractive names that we choose for our meals which indicates its ingredients and the way it’s presented, like “Arabo” our Arabic Shawarma plate, “Shat’shaweesh” which is a spicy Shawarma, and “Bites” which is 6 small pieces of small Shawarma sandwiches.

What made our trademark unique and special in Saudi Arabia is our interest in the smallest details, and our unparalleled style in cooking food in a way that undergoes health specifications where the Shawarma “skewer” doesn’t last for more than 3 hours and gets replaced by another one after that, and the fact that our meals get prepared in front of the customers throughout a sophisticated chopping device that guarantees the quality every time our Shawarmar’s meals are being prepared.

Your order will be handled to you in a unique packaging specified for every meal, printed on it the logo and the description for each meal, and a marvelous design was pictured for you.

Our passion about what we do is what motivates us to proceed since our first restaurant until it expanded to become a chain of restaurants that contains more than 50 restaurants around Saudi Arabia.

Our over riding principles that shape the way we do our business

The Shawarmer brand, matchlessly popular since inception, is making headway one more time.

Our Brand

The Shawarmer brand, matchlessly popular since inception, is making headway one more time, growing and renewing itself after an exciting journey made possible with the continous support of its faithful customers.

Ever since the beginning back in 1999, Shawarmer has maintained a unique identity founded on the shawarma being the most desirable sandwich in the Arab world and a token of the tradition, generosity and good taste of its people.


Shawarma is the center around which the experience we offer our customer is shaped.

The drawing of the arabic calligraphy of the word "shawarmer" that forms the emblem, has a feel of the meat on the seekh.